Ed's Philosophy

Theatre is the ultimate team sport.  There is no true star, no single voice to call the shots.  In theatre, group thinking leads to success.  I have held this belief all my life, and it translates directly into my teaching philosophy.  At Acalanes High School, the students and I work through the creative process as a team.  As an educator, I feel it is my responsibility to guide my students through the problem solving process, not to solve the problems for them.

In addition to being a team sport, theatre is a space of totality.  My idea of theatre education focuses on design and construction, as well as acting and directing.  Theatre education is about sets, lights, costumes and publicity as well as performance.  Theater education is about the weaving of multiple disciplines to create a complete product, a production that conveys story, idea and mood.

I believe that the skills and lessons my students learn in the theatre translate into valuable life tools.  Through theatre, students learn to work in a self-directed way.  They learn to communicate their own ideas and work with the ideas of others.  I love teaching theatre not only because I get to help students become better theatre practitioners, but because I get to help students become better people.