Drama 2

Drama 2 offers the continuing theatre student the opportunity to gain additional experience in dramatic arts through acting, technical theatre, and an exploration of theatre within an historical and cultural context. As a participant in a collaborative process, the student will continue to develop skills in creative self-expression using a variety of methods. The student also will evaluate the informal and formal work of their own and others through discussion and writing. The course provides an opportunity to further develop skills in problem solving, communication, self-confidence, and self-discipline contributing to life-long learning and career opportunities.

Class Goals

  1. Develop a strong understanding and appreciation of theatre as art.
  2. Acquire those skills necessary for positive personal development leading to increased self-confidence, spontaneity, and creativity.
  3. Develop communication skills in valuing a theatrical performance.
  4. Develop a basic command of use of voice and body in creating a believable character on stage.

Drama 2 activities include:

  • Intermediate Voice and Diction excercises
  • Intermediate Movement and Pantomime
  • Scene and Monologues
  • Character work
  • Traveling Children's Theater
  • Reader's Theatre
  • Shakespeare's Language
  • Improvisation

Students may also want to consider Drama 1 or Advanced Drama .